Sunday, July 04, 2004

Selling Freedom and Liberty and Justice for All

Let us all sell-ebrate our freedom,

Everyone is selling something.
Songs, writings, movies, books, speeches, ads, political decisions, even gratitudes.
I look at the underlying intention, values and investment of each individual.
Each one of us must be honest with ourselves to see what it is we are really selling.
I sell love and forgiveness.
I sell freedom for all and trust in what is Good for All.
I sell Joy in giving.
I sell a delight in being awake.
I sell remembering what is Good and Beautiful and Holy.
I sell letting go of fear.
I sell honoring and respecting the rights of everyone.
I sell believing in a higher power, God and Goodness.
I sell successful relationships.
I sell honesty and fairness.
I sell equality and good will towards both enemies and friends.
I sell possibility and opportunity.
I sell peace at all costs.
I sell letting go of what is false and destructive.

I sell with my writings.
I sell with my life story.
I sell with every relationship.
I sell by how I live and give myself.
I sell with the thoughts I think and the words I use and the actions I take.
I sell what I value.
What I value may not be what you value.
I value freedom more than I value what I am selling.
Therefore I encourage each one to find what it is they value.
I encourage everyone to be honest with yourself about what you are selling.
Make sure what you truly value is what you are selling.
I request that you be responsible for the world you are creating with what you are selling.
Being patriotic is being free in expressing what you value without fear.
We have the right and responsibility to express our Truth, as long as we do no harm.
I am selling freedom and justice for all.
I am selling forgiveness and love as the cornerstone of freedom.
Freedom is the prerequisite for fully realizing God and Good.
I am open and willing to hear the heart of everyone’s story to know the real need inside.
There is always an inside story which calls for Love or to receive their abundant gift of Love.
I am willing to listen, forgive my judgments and learn to love everyone.
I remember that one’s behavior is not who they are.
How people behave is usually based on what they think they need to sell.

Loving our freedoms, Betty Lue
Thank you for being real.
Thank you for taking the time to feel.
Thank you for loving you.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for setting us all free.
Thank you for being willing to see.
Thank you for being You.

Always willing to hear your Truth.
Betty Lue