Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Serving Your Self

Are you being served by what you serve?
Are you being used by those you give to?
Do you love what you are supporting?
Are you enjoying and energized by the people, places and activities in your life?

What are you serving?
Are you serving freedom or serving limitation?
Are you serving love or serving fear?
Are you serving trust or serving insecurity?
Are you serving honesty or serving self-deception?

When we founded this nation, we built a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Over time instead of being served by the government we built, we began serving the government.
When we marry or create a primary relationship, we choose it to serve our happiness and well-being.
Over time instead of being served by our relationship, we may work to sustain what no longer serves us.
When we choose a career or life work, we choose a job where our career will be developed and grow.
Over time we may discover that we are serving the growth of the company rather than ourselves.
In volunteer work, we may choose a place to give where we will feel fulfilled and inspired.
Over time we may discover that we are drained and/or diminished by the services we continue to do.
With friends we may have chosen activities, which were enjoyable, and uplifting which overtime have become tedious and even depressing.

Check out your whole life.
Notice where you no longer are served by the people, places and activities.
Make a decision to change your attitude or change the circumstances.
Often our negative judgments, regrets and guilt will interfere with our joy and fulfillment.
Often we outgrow the experiences of our past and need to move on.
Often we get caught in sustaining what used to be beneficial which has now become detrimental.
Often we fear making changes because we feel comfortable and secure where we are.
Often we serve in unconscious ways and are asleep to our own well being and happiness.
Often we are just following the crowd or what others want for us.

The relationships, material goods and activities we have take energy to maintain and sustain.
Everything we own owns a piece of us.
Our commitments and responsibilities take energy.
To continue what is draining cause fatigue, depression, heaviness, aging and lack of peace.
If our lives are based on duty and obligation we may continue to burden ourselves.
If our lives are based on freedom and trust, we will let go and grow with joy and appreciation.
If we take full response-ability for our choices, we listen in our hearts and choose for the highest good.
If we martyr ourselves and blame others, we seek others' opinions and approval for our choices.

What is truly best for you is best for others.
Spirit will always guide us to solutions so that no one loses.

Loving you in sacred service,
Betty Lue

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