Wednesday, April 13, 2005

“This Is My Father’s World”

“All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.”
As I watch the birds on the balcony railing and listen to the ocean waves rhythmically breathe their glorious azure blues and greens onto the shoreline, I feel blessed.
I hear the children playing in the waters below and know all is well.

What does it take for our world to awaken?
What will it take for us to awaken our global family?
Is it possible that each one of us is the awakener, the sacred town crier here to share what is good and holy?

As I walked on the early morning beach and stopped to practice T’ai Chi Chih, I watched a glorious double rainbow appear. Few walkers noticed, but those who did shared this heavenly miracle with an obvious smile of recognition and some with a secret knowing glance.
Many walked right along not seeing the beauty that was there for them.
And some noticed, but didn’t care, caught in their own future worries or past unhappiness.

What if we all could be present in each moment to celebrate the Love that is always here?
What if we had all celebrated and been willing to share the Good news with all who would look our way? What if we keep secret the miracles in life?
What if we forget to share what we value?
What if we need to make beauty and goodness our news?
What if honoring the good times and good feelings is our gift and our blessing?
What if we committed to express, to share and to care about the wonders we see and know and feel?
What if we created only media, movies and stories that invited everyone to awaken and be glad?

Could it be that we are telling and selling what brings fear and doubt, defenses and separation?
Could it be we are creating what supports power and control, disease and poverty, fear and defensiveness?
Could it be that we are looking toward the darkness and making the world go to sleep in fear?
Could it be that by looking toward the light, we can awaken our world to love and joy and peace?
Could it be that in our own awakening happiness and gratitude we are waking up those we love?
Could it be that your happiness is all that it takes to make the world awaken?

Loving you, endlessly,
Betty Lue