Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Who Am I?

I am One who cares.
I am One who dares.
I am One who shares.

I live the Truth I know.
I give All the seeds I sow.
I share what I am told.
I bless All I behold.

You see, I came that All might remember their Essence.
I live that we all can feel at home.
I give myself to Love, so that the world will sing with Joy.
I celebrate the life which has chosen me.

Yes, I did say “Yes”.
When I was invited to volunteer, I asked, “What am I to do?”
“What is needed is someone real and true to bring the world hope and faith and Love.”
And has volunteered to come and be the One to remember and remind.

And so it is that all my life, I have chosen to remember Love…no matter what the circumstances.
I have never known hatred.
I have never known unforgiveness.
I have chosen to realize forgiveness and Love with all beings.

I discovered that where there was separation due to judgment and fear, I preferred it all to clear.
I never liked feeling uneasy with anyone, and so I consistently have practiced the loving way.
I recognized when I did not enjoy my life, I was lacking open-mindedness and full appreciation.
I have never liked being unhappy, even for a moment, and so I consistently seek blessings and gratitude.

I really am what I write.
I really share how I live.
I really feel what I know.
I really give All that is True.

You see, I really am here to Love You.
Betty Lue

Remember, there is only One of Us.
In your eyes it is Me I see.
There is only One of Us.
You are my reflection.

So in loving you, I am loving me.
In loving you and me, I am loving All.
In loving All, I am loving God.