Thursday, April 21, 2005

Right or Happy?

What is your preference?
When I ask for my honest answer…I prefer to be happy.
Spirit in you will always choose happiness.
Your adaptive personality and egoic mental defenses will choose to be 'right'.

So what is the deal ?
Why can't we have both?
What is your preference?
Who wins when you ask within?

When confronted with life dilemmas, our minds will protect our current beliefs, however misguided.
When confused and conflicted, our minds search for evidence that protect our position.
When faced with choices of resolution and problem solving, we look for the "right" answer.
When asked to prove our point, the mind seeks all evidence to convince itself of its "rightness".

Spirit seeks happiness.
Spirit forgives arrogant attachments.
Spirit gently states its Truth and lets go.
Spirit is willing to let go and listen.
Spirit seeks the way in which no one loses.
Spirit honors all Beings and respects all perspectives.
Spirit blesses each individual journey with its own timing.
Spirit trusts all things work together for Good.
Spirit knows this life is a laboratory, a temporary learning experience.
Spirit embraces the learning process without attachment to the experience.
Spirit is present with what is, chooses a non judging perspective and states the highest truth, as invited.
Spirit offers peace to problems, love to fear and joy to conflict.

Would you rather be right?
What if you knew there is no "right way"?
Life is the teacher and love is the lesson.
Happiness is your choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue