Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Do You Do?

When problems come up that you cannot resolve, what do you do?
When things seem out of balance, what do you do?
When someone you love is in distress, what do you do?
When you are not at peace about the state of our planet, what do you do?

What I do is to pause, breathe, stop and do nothing.
What I do is recognize that I do not know what to do.
What I do is be patient, peaceful and listen within.
What I do is trust in the Good that is everywhere and always present.

To be afraid, upset, unhappy and/or confused merely adds those to the situation.
My primary work is to calm my fear with reassurance.
My real work is to find my essential happiness and inner peace.
My part is to receive clarity from my own inner sanctuary and source of illumination.

When I am in touch with place of Love, trust and freedom within, then I am willing to be Present.
I show up. I pay attention. I tell the Highest Truth I know. I detach from the outcome.
I allow myself the opportunity to be fully present and to be awake to all possibilities.
I receive in my own knowing and sometimes am called to share inspired Truth.
I let go of thinking I know what is best, what is being healed or learned by those involved.

So much of life as we perceive it is a mystery unfolding to awaken humanity to their True nature.
Each one of us plays a part in the awakening of all.
Some of those dramas appear tragic to the judging eye and some appear miraculous.
All of the experiences in life can be used for the highest good of all participants when seen rightly.

It is my work to remember.
It is my function to be a loving Presence.
It is my goal to represent the Peace that passes all understanding.
And so it is, I do my holy work.

Loving you and All as One,
Betty Lue