Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Is there a special partner for you?
Is there a special quality to one friendship over all others?
Is there something special that lives in you?
Is there a special need that only one person or place can fulfill?

This world teaches specialness.
Seek what is special.
Exalt what is special.
Believe special teachings.
Cling to what is special.
Collect special things and people.
Sacrifice for what is special.
Celebrate what is special.
Grieve when specialness dies.

What if every moment is special?
What if every person is special?
What if every love is special?
What if every opportunity to do good is special?
What if every kind word is special?
What if every morning is special?
What is every healing is special?
What if we all are special?

Each encounter is Holy.
Each relationship is healing.
Each conversation is helpful.
Each interaction is healthful.

Our lives when looked at through the eyes of wholeness are holy.
We are here to extend that holiness to everyone everywhere.
When we are each treating ourselves with dignity and respect, all relationships will be blessed.
When we are all appreciating one another with kindness and compassion, we all will benefit.
When we are living the holiness in which we are meant to live and give, we will be safe and happy.

You are special to me, because everyone is special.
In seeing you as whole and holy, I know my own holiness.

Bless us all everyone,
Betty Lue