Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our Wedding Anniversary

“Will you wed with me in Christ?”, was asked.
And we both said, “Yes.”
This was our spiritual wedding, as God ordained us to be united in Holy Union to fulfill Divine Purpose.

On April 10, 1985 we were called to sit together and listen within.
Spirit directed me to ask, “Will you wed with me in Christ?” to which you prayerfully answered, “Yes,”
Our relationship had been a brief spiritual connection seeking to improve the services offered by Pathways Center for Counseling, Growth and Health and Reunion Ministries. We had had no personal conversation or private time to explore our relationship. Holy Spirit’s guidance was that you were sent to support me in doing the holy work of Reunion to build spiritual community and fellowship, to offer services to individuals and families to heal, inspire and create better relationships, healthy lifestyles and meaningful work. You were a new volunteer, offering consulting for administrative efficiency and financial advice.

To this day Robert and I after 20 years recognize this was an arranged spiritual marriage, guided and directed by spirit in a very obvious way. Our respect, love and admiration has grown over the years of teaching and learning with one another, helping and healing family members and friends, founding and directing community centers, giving and receiving support and encouragement to each other, as well as reminding and remembering our spiritual purpose.

With life there have been life challenges which are full of growth, healing and inspiration.
There have been opportunities to remind one another of our trust in God.
There have been changes in our leadership in the partnership where one leads and the other supports.
There have been times of apparent lack of financial resources and times of plenty.
There have been health crises which have called for practical reevaluation of our holistic practices.
There have been family needs which have required setting aside our own needs and moving to honor others.
There have been amazing opportunities to expand our services to our global family.
There have been moves to North Carolina, Montana, Indiana and Michigan to found holistic centers.
There have been travels to other countries to celebrate with family and friends, to share Love and Joy.
There have been creations of many books, hundreds of workshops and training programs.
There has been learning and exploring new areas of knowledge, T’ai Chi Chih, Feng Shui, Numerology, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, Success Tools for Effective Leadership, and much more.

We are blessed to have a life of such similar interests and spiritual calling.
We feel grateful to have been called to minister, heal and teach together.
We feel empowered by our relationship which daily supports the best in each of us.
We are abundant in the knowledge that God is our Source, Spirit our Guide and Love is our Way.

Happy Anniversary world!
Be grateful that we only need say “YES” to know we are one in Spirit, One in Love, One in Faith.
Betty Lue