Monday, April 25, 2005

Are You Responsible?

Are you responsible for disease, disaster, discomfort and even dying?
What does it mean to be responsible?
Being responsible is being able to respond.
When we are judging, fearing, resisting and blaming, we cannot and will not be responsible.
When we are judging, fearing, resisting and blaming, we will not take on our response ability.
Being response-able requires that we love ourselves and take care of our whole selves impeccably.
Being response-able and able to respond requires that we are fully aware of what calls for response.
Being responsible has nothing to do with feeling guilty, blaming or mistakenly creating anything.

When we judge there is something wrong, we automatically look for blame, critique and find fault.
When we make wrong, we seek the cause and try to stop the offensive perpetrator.
When we find fault, we look for someone or something to blame…our diet, aging, environment or God.
When we are afraid, we defend, protect and seek compensation for the pain and suffering.

If we could believe that all things work together for Good, we would seek the Good.
If we imagined that everything is in our own best interest, we would look for the best.
If we trusted that life is fun, safe and easy, we would choose to see how we stepped away from the easy.
If we believed that it will all work out and a blessing will be revealed, we would expect the miracles.

We are responsible for our experience.
We are able to respond with love to our life experiences.
Most people respond with fear and blame or guilt to challenging experiences.
We are able to change our responses and respond with peace and love to life's challenges.

How do we respond to disease?
Respond with peace, and healing will be revealed.
How do we respond to disaster?
Respond with remembering to love and giving hope to others, and all will be blessed.
How do we respond to discomfort?
Respond with patience, gentleness and kindness to ourselves and others, and comfort will be experienced.
How do we respond to dying?
Respond with gratitude for life's fullness of love, and peaceful release, acceptance and graduation will be experienced.

There is nothing and no one to blame, when we judge nothing wrong or bad.
Accept everything with grace, rather than judgment and fear, and the Good will be revealed.
What is our true desire will be revealed when we look beyond the surface to the divine outcome.
What was seen as loss will be experienced as spiritual gain, when we see with forgiving eyes.

With perfect love, all things are healed and Good is revealed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

There are no victims, only volunteers.

If we saw the world through non-judging eyes, we would cease blame and guilt and remember to love and bless.
If we saw the world through gratitude and love, we would extend only forgiveness and trust to All.