Sunday, April 24, 2005

Answers to Some of Your Questions

Everything I write here comes spontaneously as I sit at the keyboard.
I call it inner listening.
I could say it comes from Holy Spirit, the joyful energy of the Universe.
I could call it my conversations with God, although I am only listening and scribing usually.
I might say these are messages from God or from the Goodness within you and me.
I also see them as inspirations and loving reminders from my Higher Self or Soul Self.

When I let go, relinquish and forgive my egoic or personality mind, I am connected with Spirit.
When I stop listening to the external call of people, "to do" lists, "shoulds" and "have tos", I can hear.
When I know I am one with Source, I can easily receive direction for my life.
When I am fully present and paying full attention, I hear loud and clear my inner voice.

Everything I write here is for the One We Are, for you and me and all who choose to receive them.

We are One Son with One Sun.
We are One Self with One Source.
We are One People of One Planet.
We are One Holy Child with many different appearances and assignments.
We are in a learning laboratory, an experiential classroom, designed specifically for our individual needs.
When we are open and willing, we learn from Life, from our Inner Voice, from our creations.
When we are listening within, we can receive direct and specific guidance to experience a happy life.
When we follow our inner guidance, life is fun, safe and easy.

I listen within, receive and live the messages written here.
Everything we share with others is first a message for ourselves.
When we receive the message we are giving, the gift has value.
When we ignore or deny the message given, we diminish its value and impact.

I am direct, honest and respectful of me and you and our learning process.
I love and trust each of us enough to know the teaching is given when the student is ready.
I trust the learning process enough to know that both teacher and student are learning together.
I know to truly learn, we must be curious, open and willing to receive what is being taught.
Therefore, we need both teachers and students to be most able to learn from our life experience.

I trust those who are meant to read these reminders will be guided here in their own timing.
Those who need other teachers and teachings will be called to them in perfect timing.
I believe there is a teacher for every student, a guide for everyone lost, and a coach for each one seeking to live a better way.
I am willing to show up, be fully present, share the Highest Truths and wisdom I know that we all might be free from misery, pain and sorrow.
Yes, Truth sometimes hurts our ego, but then it sets us free to live with Spirit.
So listen within and receive the messages of your heart and Soul and know they are Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue