Sunday, April 03, 2005

True Family

Bless the passing of a Great Spiritual Leader, humble servant of God's people!

In much of this lifetime my global family has taken precedence over my personal family.
While most souls focus on their intimate and personal relationships, some of us are called to include all humanity as our family.
In this life, I have included those who come to me as part of my family and my spiritual community.
These are the precious ones I have been sent to be with, to love and serve, teach and learn.
"You are my inspiration, my reason for being, the meaning for my life. You are my family.” BLL

While we are here to learn to love everyone equally, there are those with whom we have a spiritual contract or agreement to do some special healing, clearing, forgiving and completion work.
To honor our spiritual agreements is of great benefit to all concerned and moves the spiritual awakening of all people along in powerful unseen ways.

There are cycles and seasons to this sacred work.
To be present and in this moment is of key importance.
Notice where you are and with whom you are living, working and befriending.
Notice whom you are ignoring, negating and sending negative energy.
Where there is attraction or repulsion, there is a calling, something to learn or heal or give.
Where there is neutrality and comfort, there is respite and a safe place to rest and simply be.

Love the ones you are with.
These are the ones you are meant to love and serve, teach and learn right now.
Where you are is your inspirational and/or healing community.
Your everyday relationships are your family, whether personal or more global.
Your healing and forgiving work may seem personal but is always more.
Where we are bringing love and light, we are extending healing light and love to all hearts and minds.
Where we are being responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, we are teaching the world.
Where we are forgiving the past hurts and hurtfulness, we are healing our planetary wounds.
Where we are clinging to payback or longevity, we may interfere with our spiritual progress..
Where we are trusting with gratitude and blessing, we enhance all planetary and social healing.

The healing of all humanity is a BIG job.
Who else will do it, if not you?
Start with where you are.
Heal your own wounds now.
Enlighten your own mind now.
Extend the Love within you now.
Share the Best you have now.
Let go in Love and Trust it All.

Loving the "hell" out of "heaven",
Betty Lue

There is nothing Love cannot do.
So Love and Laugh, Live and Let Go.