Thursday, April 28, 2005

Get Started, Get Moving!

If you want to get started on a project or new endeavor, get moving.
Without momentum, you may lack the inertia or energy to even begin what you desire.
Those who sit at a desk, on a coach, in front of the TV or computer screen, may be blocking their "get up and go".
Beginning a garden, a vacation, a new friendship requires energy.
People often feel blocked by laziness, lethargy, fear, lack of drive and no enthusiasm.
People may feel rusty, stuck, comfortable, tired, loyal and committed and fear change.
If there have been unpleasant consequences or pain in sharing your dreams, hopes and plans, you may have shut down the energy that desires to do or be or have something new or different.

I recently suggested to a group of my senior retired friends to simply "Begin moving."
Get up and do something, any thing that is fun and adds value to your life.
Wash the windows or the car.
Take a walk and enjoy the spring weather.
Go to a new store and enjoy the product displays and the sales staff.
Take some time to test drive a new car or visit some model homes.
Go to the library and try out different books.
Attend a new class.
Take a vacation or even overnight getaway by yourself.
Try a new craft or rearrange your living room furniture.
Buy some new dishes and glassware or get new bedding.

Get your Spirit in gear with something new.
Appreciate every little change you make.
Look for what you can do that will get you going.
Ask what inspires you and fills your heart with joy.
Trust that every risk requires courage and brings opportunity.
New beginnings require vision and planning, faith and desire, energy and commitment, action and appreciation.

You can achieve what you conceive and believe. "JUST DO IT".

Loving you,
Betty Lue

The baby girls were born at 12;40 and :41.
Lila Jo 5#12 oz and Harper Layne 6# 10oz.
Mother, Dad and babies are all doing very well.
We visit later this morning and will take pictures.
Thanks for your blessings.