Thursday, February 10, 2005

Healing YourSelf

How do you heal the sickness in you?
Remember sickness can be physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial as well spiritual.

When You are ill or off balance on any level of life, look for judgments (yours, mine and ours).
Wherever you judge, there you are vulnerable, sensitive and susceptible to “catching it”.
When you are upset, fatigued or just plain sick, look for what you have been giving attention to.
Wherever you focus your attention you increase and what you perceive, you strengthen in yourself.

Take responsibility for your experience. Own your own cause in the matter and seek the learning.
Rather than judge your creation which gets you “stuck” with it, simply notice, breathe and let go.
When you take responsibility, your work is to forgive any judgments or blame and guilt.
I forgive myself for hurting myself with those thoughts.
I release and undo my fears. I let go of judging others for my choices.
My sickness has no value to me and so I easily let it go with gratitude.
I take full responsibility for my experience and gladly choose again for what is best.

Trying to get rid of your pain, your problems or your illness may indicate that you are demanding that you let go of the symptoms without clearing the cause and experiencing the real healing.
I am willing to learn what is mine. I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to forgive all now.

Choosing again is the proactive step of inviting into your life those conditions which are helpful, healing and healthy. I rarely know what is highest and best for me. Being upset or sick is a clear indication that I have stepped off my path or out of bounds. I need to stop and listen with open-mindedness to see what is best for me. Stop and listen. Ask questions and write what you hear (so you cannot forget or neglect.)

I have learned the more you follow what you hear, the more you will hear next time.
Look at the major areas of ones healthy life.

Spiritual Connection
How much and how shall I spend time with inspirational reading, listening and spiritual communion?

Nature and the Beauty of the Earth
How am I to incorporate time with the bountiful energies of the Great Mother today?
Music, Sound, Song and Movement
How am I to sing and share my joy, my gratitude, my praise? How am I to fill my senses?

Diet and Exercise
What am I to eat and drink? How am I to move and breathe?

What attitudinal healing is needed here?
With whom am I to share my love and gratitude?

Creativity and Play, Recreation and Renewal
How much am I to work and play, to meditate and reflect, to vision and to plan?
Is there some lesson I am missing? Is there a place of unconscious omission that needs attention?

How am I to feel and express my profound appreciation and love for the good life I have?

When your listening is complete, it is time to “do the work” which may be to do absolutely nothing. When you have become a happy willing learner, the skies clear, the sun shines and all things seem new again. As your mind is renewed with the Light of Goodness that lives in us and around us, we can fully envision the blessings of it all.

As we are restored to sanity with a grateful heart and enlightened mind, knowing we are spiritually connected, our life experiences seems just that (an experience without regret or blame.)

Healing oneself is healing the entire Sonship.
Healing oneself is opening to fully loving as God loves.
Healing Oneself is living the two primary commandments to Love God and Love our neighbors.
Healing oneself is our gift to our creator, to love His gift enough to take exquisite care of what is given us.

I love this mighty glorious and miraculous work…staying awake on planet earth.

Call me if you need a little or a lot of spiritual coaching.
I am here, at one with You, doing the Holy work!
Betty Lue