Saturday, February 19, 2005

Healing with Heart

How do we heal fear, disease, confusion, guilt, doubt and self-denial?
How do we find love, health, clarity, forgiveness, confidence and true prosperity?

First, recognize what feels unhealed, unhealthy and unhelpful.
Being aware of our upsets and lack of peace is the first step in claiming our needed healing.
Every upset is a call for healing with Love.
Every upset is a past similar which needs our attention.
Every upset is a request for seeing things differently.

Let go of what you thought was the cause.
Let go of trying to fix or cover-up or pretend there is nothing wrong.
Let go of thinking you “should” know, because if you knew you would have handled it.

Forgive yourself for not knowing what to do or denying the help you need.
Forgive yourself and others for the mistaken beliefs, judgments and fears you have taken on.
Forgive yourself for being upset, for judging yourself, for getting stuck, for being ashamed.
Forgive yourself for trying so hard, for not caring, for hiding from the pain, for not responding with Love.

Ask what is needed to heal, to remember Love and return to wholeness.
Ask for the Truth, the highest Truth, the helpful Truth, the heartfelt Truth.
Open your mind to see the Light, and see things differently with new awareness.
Open your heart to feel the Love, to heal your pain with patience, kindness and compassion.

Write down your inner sense of what you feel and think you know.
Clarify what you want to feel.
Ask for inner guidance on how to move from where you are now to where you want to go.

“I am in pain (confusion, grief, fear).
I do not know what this is for.
I release my need to understand.
I forgive myself for hurting myself.
I love me and believe in me.
I am willing to be happy.
I free myself to love again.
I open my mind to inner peace.
I am grateful I can heal and be healed.”

The healing process is finding the faith in your heart to see what you want to reclaim.
The healing process is clearing the doubting mind and finding the believing heart.
The healing process is letting go of fear to return to Love and Joy and inner Peace.
The healing process is focusing on creating possibilities with gratitude and confidence.
The healing process is remembering your wholeness and Holiness.
With faith in your mind and love in your heart, All things are possible.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue