Thursday, February 17, 2005

How Can I Love More?

“How can I become more loving? How do I hang on to living in Love?”

Love is. We are here to release all blocks to the awareness of the Presence of Love.
God is. We are here to recognize all barriers to the Awareness of the Presence of God.
God and Love can be neither created nor destroyed. They simply are All there is.

We, in our creativity and separated mind, have thought and imagined there is not Love.
We made up a belief in punishment, hell and the wrath of God to deter making errors.
We have believed people are evil, sinful and bad, and so perceive and conceive of evil and sin.
What you believe, you will see.
What you envision, you create.
What you fear and hate, you strengthen.
What you judge, you strengthen in yourself.
What you imagine, you project into other minds.

Only Love is Real.
All else is illusion.
Everything unlike Love is made up.
Forgiveness is a made up tool to clear up our imagined forms of the absence of Love.
We made up the temporary worldly experience of disease, evil, poverty and death.
The more we believe in our mis-creations, the more fixed they become in our consciousness.
The more we defend again our temporary creations, the more real they become.
The more we assign blame for our errors to the Creative Power of Love, the more afraid we become.
The more we believe we are victims of a God who punishes our mistakes, the more we withdraw.
The more we withdraw our love and our listening, the more we mis-create defending against our fear.
The more we blame others for the sin and fear we see in ourselves, the more destructive we become.
Our mis-created illusion becomes more real to us with every justification, explanation and defense.

My Real work is not to become more Loving, but rather to give up my belief in separation and lack of Loving.
Underneath all personality forms of separation, (fear, anger, envy, resentment, hurt, depression, jealousy, etc), there is only Love and the call for the remembrance of Love.
For me Love is not a feeling, but rather a state of Being.
Love is trusting in Love and freeing myself from limiting Love in myself and others.
Love is opening the way for us all to live and let Live, to give and be fulfilled in the giving.
Love is creating what is beautiful, good and wholesome for everyone.
When I am at One with my whole Self and my Creator, I know and extend only Love.

Fear nothing.
Forgive everything.
Love All.
Trust in Goodness and Love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue