Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Love is Giving

What is true?
Some people think they must “get” Love, because they need Love.
Some think they won’t have Love, when their Loved one is gone.
Some think they can only truly Love one in their lifetime.
Some think Love is dependent on whether the other returns their Love.
Some believe once you find Love, hold on to it.
Some believe they can only Love those who are Special.

All may be true for you, if you have learned this kind of Love from your family of origin.
None are True in the highest Spiritual sense.
And to be wholly happy, one must disavow and let go of these errant beliefs.

Love lives in You.
You were created in Love, by Love for the sole purpose of Loving.
Not by your parents, who may have been mistaken about Love, but by Creator and Source.
Love is your calling.
When you are genuinely loving, not for a reason, but simply because you are Being, you will be happy.
Love is your mission here in life.
If you have forgotten your mission and forsaken your calling, look for someone or something to Love.
Love is your path to happiness and peace.
When you are not loving, you may feel sad and needy, because you miss your Real Self.
Love is your life.
When you are not loving, you may feel lost and alone, because you have stepped away from living.

Your life is for the Sole and Soul Purpose of Loving.
Love grows as you give it.
Love expands as you extend it.
What you give may not be received by personalities, but will always be received by the Soul.
So give Love and be happy again.

Loving you as I am living my purpose,
Betty Lue