Thursday, February 24, 2005

Your True Work

What is your work?
Is it your career or what you do to earn money?
Is your true work your family and friends?
Is your true work your personal healing and spiritual growth?
Have you every thought of your whole life as your work?

What if your life is a blank canvas on which you are painting your own creation?
What if you can ask for a new canvas at any time and create anew?
What if your life becomes a facsimile of your parents when you let it go?
What if your forgiveness of the past is the cleanser that wipes out all mistakes?
What if you can bring your Essence into every relationship and each Holy moment?
What if you can have your highest vision simply by believing you can?
What if your real work here is to actualize your creative potential?
What if you can truly have it all and give it all with your faith, commitment and willingness?
What if you need the inspiration of a Higher Power and Super Vision to create the Highest Good?
What if your remembered past fears and failures are a distraction and distortion from the Truth?
What if your forgiveness opens you to learn and heal and create from a new perspective?
What if it is through practice (many canvases) that we truly become adept at creating?
What if everyday is a new opportunity to live in love and give with joy?
What if each relationship is the practice ground for you to remember the essential Goodness in All?
What if everyone you meet is both your teacher and your student?
What if every task, no matter how menial, can strengthen your abilities to live, love, learn and let go?
What if life is a graduate course in creative living for those who are awake and willing to be responsible?

What is your current work?
Getting through each day?
Making someone else happy at your expense?
Seeing how much you can handle?
Paying the bills?
Keeping your marriage together?
Looking good?
Doing all the “right” things?
Following the social norm?
Pleasing those in charge?
Chasing a pot of illusive gold or phantom lover?
Doing what your parent would have wanted?

What is your Real Calling?
What is your spiritual intention or purpose in life?
Who is your boss?
How do you make decisions?
How do you know what is the right path for you to choose?
How do you appreciate yourself at the end of each day?

Awakening my brothers and myself,
Betty Lue