Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Communication Glitches

Some say roadblocks indicate we need to go another way.
Some say problems tell us we need to stop, look for alternatives and listen for what is best.
Some say difficulties indicate an inner resistance to be cleared.
Some say barriers inspire us to learn and grow.
Some say challenges strengthen our intention.
Some say problems are just problems to be overcome.

Whatever anyone might say about my emailing challenges and changes since Jan. 2, 2005,
I am clear I value listening within and sharing my daily Loving Reminders with you.
I know that these creations inspire and remind, heal and encourage me and many others.
I feel best when I am connected to the writing and direct transmission of them on a daily basis.
I also know that I feel at peace when I am the keeper of my email lists, since there are hundreds of you.
I know you through your spiritual energy, if not personally.
I like to know when you come and you go.
I greet each person personally and feel connected in Love.
I know this is one way God/Goddess is loving each one of us…and I will not quit on Love.

So please forgive with me, as we have been unraveling both cause and cure of the interference.
Robert has been greatly and gratefully helpful with reconfiguring new lists and a new newsletter server.
However, I have lost the direct touch with when and how the loving reminders are sent.
I will hopefully be returning to my old direct emailing system which allows me to send to you directly, when the Loving Reminder is written, without outside formatting and delays. Please bear with us for the next few days, as I adjust and readjust according to the fun, safe and easy way I have shared in the past.
Feel free to communicate with me, if there are changes needed to be made for your benefit.

Know my Love extends to you always, just as yours is received.
In reality there is only loving union.
May these reminders be awakening affirmations of hope, faith and love, so that we never forget to Love.
It is our Way. To Let Go.
It is our Truth. To Learn.
It is our Life. To Love.
Through Love all Good things are possible.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Letting go of attachments
Learning to create anew.
Loving the ride home.