Saturday, February 12, 2005

How Are You Leading?

Parents lead their children.
Mates lead one another.
Bosses lead employees.
Religious authorities lead their people.
Organizational heads lead their organizations.
Doctors lead their staff and patients.
And so also do children, employees, members, patience and the public lead.
Those who are leading often have no awareness, and it is the unconscious leading the unconscious.

In our culture we often follow dramatic media, the current fad, doing what feels good, hysterical emotions,
tending the sick and the needy, the loudest voice and the most expensive advertising.
We may follow with envy the one who has what we want, or tells us what we want to hear or makes us their loyal friend and lets us coast in comfort. We may follow our own worldly desires, making up for what we never had.
We may think life is about the most money and toys, but lose our selves and our Spirit.

Life is always about the choices we make.
When we take full responsibility for our choices, we can freely and easily choose again.

There is confusion and chaos , depression and loss without conscious leadership.
Life becomes meaningful, fulfilling and empowering with clear conscious leadership.

When there is conflicting leadership, those following become confused and upset.
When there is unconscious irresponsible leadership, the followers become inconsistent.
When there is committed leadership, the followers become loyal and devoted.
When there is selfish demanding leadership, the followers become dependent and demanding.
When there is respectful conscious leadership, the followers become respectful and giving.
Where your life is working will tell you where there is effective leading.
Giving authority to ethical guidelines and spiritual principles will work.
Choosing leadership that sets the highest standards of integrity and consciousness works.
Selecting leaders who seek to educate, empower and respect all people will inspire and motivate.
Give authority only to those who live that they teach and serve others to educate, inspire and empower.

In most relationships there is no conscious committed leader who is willing to take responsibility.
If we want to improve the quality of life for ourselves and our people, it is our responsibility.
If we see what needs to be done, it is ours to do.
It is the responsibility of the most conscious person to lead.

We lead by example and modeling.
We lead through direction and education.
We lead through coaching and counseling.
We lead through listening and supporting.
We lead by empowering and delegating.
We lead through the expressive arts and creativity.
We lead with our private thoughts and activities, what we buy and watch and listen to.
We lead with our stories and our songs, our successes and our failures.
We lead with our choices of what we eat, who we believe and where we give.
We lead with our emotions and words.
We lead with our forgiveness, love and gratitude.
It behooves us to lead where we want our families and our world to go.

Choose wisely. You are leading.
Betty Lue