Sunday, February 13, 2005

Where Am I Going?

How can I get somewhere in life, if I don’t know where I am going?
If I am lost, how can I find my way?
How do I get my bearings in an ever changing world?
Where do I set my course, if I have no compass?

Do I let the world I see lead my choices, my goals and my path?
Do I let my spiritual vision guide me to an unseen goal of eternal peace and happiness?
How can I be responsible to two masters when they promise different outcomes?
What will my destiny be, if I serve neither well but dance between both realms?

What is your North Star?
What is your Highest priority?
What is the destination you have chosen?
How do you serve that outcome?

Choose wisely the One Who Leads.
Give freely to the One You Trust.
Speak openly of what you value.
Respect totally your Highest Goals.

Are you clear about your destination?
When you go to bed, do you know what your next day will bring?
Are you happy with what you are doing with your life?
Do you feel fulfilled at the end of each day?
Have you led yourself on a fulfilling and high functioning path?
Are your relationships squeeky clean with respect and gratitude?
Have you spent your hard-earned money in a way which serves the One earning the money?
Do you care for your body, mind and Spirit in a way which honors the Creator of All Life?
Do you think and speak of yourself with love, loyalty, faith and hope?
Are you willing to do your best, simply by doing your best, neither over-giving nor pushing?
Are you willing to end your day in gratitude for what has been and faith in what will be?

We are shaping our own destiny by knowing where we are going.
We are leading us All into the future by setting our North Star today.
Lead consciously by living impeccably.

This is Love.
Love knows and loves You.
Betty Lue