Monday, February 21, 2005

All Things to All People

Who am I really?
I am what you project me to be, based on your own past experiences and beliefs.
I am a mirror in which you see the reflection of what you believe yourself to be.
I am a kaleidoscope of possibilities depending on your current state of consciousness.

How can you see me, when you are looking at who you want me to be?
How can you know me, when you are still discovering yourself?
How can you understand me, if you don’t yet understand your own needs, emotions and dreams?
How can you believe me if you cannot trust yourself to consistently love, honor and respect you?

Isn’t it amazing that we live in a projective world where we see what we believe?
Isn’t it miraculous that we can make up what we want to be true and then prove it is true?
Isn’t is awesome that we can see a hopeless world with fearful judgment and a beautiful world with forgiveness?
Isn’t it powerful to recognize that our perceptions shape our experience of reality?

We can choose the quality of our day based on how we choose to perceive our experiences?

I am all things to all people, as they choose me to be.
So what others project onto me is truly none of my business.
Some call this being a shape-shifter.
Some say it is being a light-filled screen on which the perceiver sees themselves.
Some recognize when you know only light, you see only light.
All things seen in light are good and whole and beautiful.
Whatever your choice, I honor you.
When I see and know and love myself, I see and know and love the Real You.
When I remember the Essence of me, I Am Love It Self, I recognize the Love You Are.
When I recognize the Love We Are, I know our Oneness and I am in Joyous Peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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