Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Always More to Learn

Learning is one element of living with Joy.
When we learn, we are open and receptive, listening and watching for the next new thing.
When we learn, we are curious and wondering, waiting for what comes next.
When we learn, we are eager and enthusiastic, as the doors of our minds open to the mystery of life.
When we learn, we are grateful and happy, as we receive a gift of positive possibility.

What can I do with this, I ask?
How can I share what I am given?
Who would like to learn with me?
When can I use this new knowledge for the Good of others?

I am an Eternal Learner.
I hunger for knowledge.
I seek out wisdom.
I value practical tools and helpful insights.

I learn from everyone.
I learn from every experience.
Some help me strengthen what I know.
Some help me open to new vistas.
I am open and receptive.
I am eager and enthusiastic.
I am grateful and fulfilled.
I am satisfied and still valuing other’s knowledge and wisdom.

What I learn from is deeper, beyond my usual perception.
What I learn from is expanding, allowing me to see beneath the surface.
What I learn from synthesizes and correlates, giving me connections and relationships.
What I learn from are observations, information, knowledge, wisdom and insights.

The Lead Like Jesus Encounter facilitates individuals learning to live their values, talk from their mission and live from their highest purpose, serving the Good of All.
I was amazed by how perfectly my longtime study of spiritual principle and successful business strategy work together to create powerful, positive and effective leadership. I am grateful to Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager and Phil Hodges for putting together this program. I will be taking their facilitation training early February, so I can enthusiastically share with you, parent, coaches, therapists, teachers, church and business leaders. I look forward to being able to contribute to philosophy and effectiveness of servant leaders. Our world needs conscious respectful leadership. Our world needs you to lead others for the highest Good of All.

Valuing and expanding ways to contribute,
Betty Lue

I hope you will invite me to your business, community organization or church.
Let me know if you are intrigued. I will begin leadership encounters in March.