Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What Comes First?

Everyone has different priorities, different values and a different specific dream or purpose to fulfill.
Every one has a different balance, lifestyle, lessons to learn and teach, and wisdom to share.
Every one has different feelings, beliefs, opinions and thoughts to keep private or contribute.
And each One and every One has a special place under the Sun, in the heart of the Sonship.

Trying to figure out how to win the race may misdirect us from reaching our goal.
Beating others may distract us from really winning our own prize.
Paying attention to others with useless advice, criticism and doubt may sap our energy.
Keeping track of where we have been may dilute the full richness and appreciation for where we are now.

Each One has a dream, seeds of a vision, planted in our heart.
Each One has natural gifts and talents to be sown freely wherever we go.
Each One has a Light to shine in the darkness and lead the way.
Each One has an inheritance of lasting peace that blossoms when we consistently give our Best.

As we feel the rush to the year’s end in a time of delight and expectancy,
Shine your light freely with smiles and words of gratitude.
Share your gifts generously without ever buying anything.
Give your Love and Acceptance obviously.
And you will know the Peace that comes from within.

You are a gift to me and to everyone who thinks of you and whom you think of.
You are a gift to those who are touched and taught by your thoughts and prayers.
You are a gift to those who hear your words of gratitude, wisdom and validation.
You are a gift to those who feel your healing touch and receive your written words.

You need not give a “thing” to be mightily received by a world that needs our Loving Presence.

Remember what comes first and outlasts the things of this world.

You are a gift to me and to our world,
Betty Lue
Never forget it!!!!