Sunday, December 26, 2004

Letting Go with Love

“If there were one thing I could give you this Christmas, it would be to free the past.
The past is not here.
It cannot touch you or harm you.
The past is nothing.

If you had no past, you could freely create your present and your future.
If you had no past, there would be nothing to live up to or fear.
If you had no past, you would have no complaints and no worries.
If you had no past, you would have no guilt or blame.
If you had no past, you would truly be free.

You can have no past through constant daily forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
Forgiveness is selective remembering.

I forgive everything and everyone.
My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly true and loving.
The past is nothing and not here.
I am here now whole and holy creative.
I choose to create this moment as happy, loving and peaceful.

Spirit gave us this incredible gift, the gift of forgiveness.
We can clean up our mind with forgiveness.
Cleaning our minds will clean our bodies and clean our lives.
Simple living is cleaning house constantly.
We then have space to freely create and fully enjoy our Present.

You can and should deny that error can harm you.

These are gifts from Spirit for you.”

Clean your house.
Clean you mind.
Clean your body.
Clean your spirit.
Clean up your relationships.
Clean up your finances.
Clean up your memories.
Let go of anything and everything that does not bring you Joy!
Polish up those wings and get ready for 2005.
We are coming alive this year.
May you be filled with Hope and Joy and Faith and Love.
May you remember the Will of God and Goodness within you.
There is a voice, an inner messenger, that brings you good tiding, that inspires lofty dreams, than stands by you in times of crisis, that encourages you with the going gets tough, that loves you always and forever.
Let go of what does not matter, so you can behold the Goodness and Love that is given you.

Loving you mightily,
Betty Lue