Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year’s Eve

Another year, as we mark time, to see what we have accomplished, endured, learned and earned.
Another year, to grow in love or increase our fear.
Another year, to wake up and remember why we are here or to cover our eyes and go to sleep even more.
Another year, to give others the very best we have or withhold, saving the best for ourselves.
Another year, with time to forgive and set ourselves free to trust again or to condemn both us and them.
Another year, to receive what is our rightful inheritance, the Peace of God, or forsake the sacred gift.
Another year, to limit our Love, suppress our Joy and doubt our Eternal Peace or go forth in faith.

I watch humanity choose like cattle following media predictions, financial prophecy, what their family and friends believe, or just plain letting authorities lead them into going along.
You can choose this New Year to be whatever you choose.
You can have what you really want, simply by your absolute commitment.
You can live life to the fullest right now or wait until your ship comes in.
You can treat yourself with love and respect just because.. or you can wish someone else would do it.
You can be grateful for what you have and who you are and know total prosperity or compare with others.
You can sing out for the sheer Joy of singing or wait for a reason to be happy.
You can dance by yourself with childlike delight or you can grieve an absent Prince Charming.
You can bless the infinite possibilities of life or be resentful about what God has not given you.
You can offer your blessing to everyone or wait until you know your gift will be appreciated.
You can wakeup with a happy willing heart each morn or stay in bed dreading another day.

It is all our choice.
This New Year will be a prosperous as you choose it to be.
This New Year is yours to create with your consciousness, your vision, your passion, your purpose, your meaning, your forgiveness, your hope, your trust, your commitment, your actions, and your gratitude.
This New Year is yours.
This New Year is a gift of Infinite Possibility.

Those who fully value the gift of life prosper in the right use of what is given.
Those who devalue, throw away, condemn and dismiss the gift are depleted, depressed and disheartened.
You choose your receptivity to what is given.
You choose how you judge what is yours.
You choose how you use what is yours.
You choose how you take responsibility for what is yours.
You choose how you value what is yours.
You choose what you learn from what is yours.
You choose how you share what is yours.
You are given everything.
You choose how you put it all together and use it for the Good of All.
Loving you,
Betty Lue