Friday, December 17, 2004

Too Busy?

Try clarifying your values, goals and priorities.
Then live according to what you really value.
When we are honoring what has heart and meaning, the distractions, detours and delays melt away.
With focus and direction life seems simpler.
With joy and delight everything is easier.
With love and appreciation, the way is opened.
With clarity and confidence we find the groove and move.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when we are “on Path” and living “on Purpose”.

During the holidays when there seem to be pressures, expectations and distractions galore,
it is easy to be overwhelmed.
And with overwhelm comes stress.
And with stress there is reactivity and fear.
And with reactivity there are mistakes and judgments.
All of this takes time, effort and often creates problems and vigilence to avoid problems.
The cycle of stress and overwhelm is self-perpetuating.

What is invited is deep breathing.
What is helpful is a relaxing shower or bath.
What clears the mind is a gentle walk on a crisp evening.
What works is time alone simply sitting doing nothing to unclutter the mind.
What heals is forgiveness of all upsets and lack of peace.
What enlightens is beautiful music, a moment of profound gratitude.
What expands time is enjoying the gift of giving your best.
What opens the heart is to love now, all of life right now.

This world can capture your soul with its seeming demands and apparent expectations.
Only your willingness to say “No” as you let go of the myth of victimization sets you free.
Only your commitment to say ”Yes” to the voice of heart and meaning will give peace.
You are here to enjoy each moment.
When you regret what you are doing and have done, even the slightest, you have wasted your enjoyment and abandoned your inner peace.

If you are doing it, enjoy and appreciate it.
If you are doing it, make sure you value what you are giving your energy to.
If you are doing it, own it with full conviction and giving your best.

You are never to busy to enjoy what each moment is returning to you…
Loving you, Betty Lue