Thursday, December 23, 2004

Do You Remember?

Do you remember what the real story of Christmas is?
Do you read it with a new vision?
Have you stopped to ask yourself why has this individual affected so many for so long?
Have you looked at Who He was and How He lived?
Have you read the words it is written he said?

The real meaning of everything is in the eyes of the perceiver.
We may forget to listen and look within.
We may get caught up in the holiday hoopla.
We may believe it is just a day to buy and give.
We may listen to the music and be too busy to enjoy.
We may feel the sacredness in church but not in our hearts.

Just as everything has a deeper meaning when we look beneath the surface,
I encourage you to ask within and listen….
“How does the story of this poor child being born in a Bethlehem manger have anything to do with me?”

We can take this life and learn from it personally.
We can ask ourselves what gifts have been brought to us by wise men.
We can allow the natural warmth and safety of the world to shelter us.
We can trust that wherever we are the angels will come to guide our way.
We can learn that fame, fortune and heritage do not make us significant.
We can acknowledge that everyone may be the Enlighted One, the Healer, the Teacher, The Savior.
We may hear we are Beloved and our Creator loves and believes we can do Great and Wondrous things.
We may recognize there is the Light within us that can bring Hope and Peace and Goodwill to All.
We may realize we have much to give simply by bringing our Love of God and Goodness.
We may begin each day with a prayer of thanksgiving and total Faith in the Path we are given.
We may honor and respect each one we meet as offering us the opportunity to see and Love everyone.

This Holy Day for me represents what each one of us is born to be and do.
We can achieve what we have volunteered for in coming to this Earthly Place.
We hold a dream in our hearts, Seeds of beautiful potential, which we must recognize and nurture.
I am responsible for receiving the gifts I am given.
I am responsible for recognizing and respecting the gifts, talents and resources in my life.
I am responsible for contributing the best I have in all situations.
I am responsible for releasing my self-made limitations and sharing Love and Light wherever I go.
I am responsible for using all I am given.
To be aware of how much I am given, I must receive, value and share it.

This Christmas choose to receive the Gift You Are and the Gifts You have with gratitude and praise.
This Christmas choose to give the Gift You Are to everyone with Peace and Joy in your heart.
This Christmas choose to recognize a new Light that is reborn in you as you receive the Love of God.
I am loving you with all the Love that is given me,
Betty Lue

Wishing you the Peace of God and the Joy of New Birth!