Monday, May 16, 2005

Who Needs You?

I used to believe that "my territory" of ministry and service is where I am.
I met the needs of those who asked, invited me and came into my presence with a request.
I used to believe if I cared for those who are right here with me now, that is enough.
I used to believe if I didn't see the need or hear the call, I need not do anything.

I am now seeing that for many this can be like putting the crying infant in the closet or shutting the elderly into a nursing home.
I am seeing that we sometimes give a pacifier, a temporary fix of candy or medicine, but continue to ignore the real need.
Our global family is dying silently of hunger, while my refrigerator is full.
My neighbors are in pain, while I know how to clear the pain and heal the wounds.
Our world needs not our sympathy or guilt.
The family of man needs a helping hand.

If I can do it, why not?
If I am able when others are not, why not give?
If I am here and happy and whole, can I not give up some of my comforts to contribute to greater Good?

When a brother is hungry, why not plant a garden?

When we feed others, they may never learn to grow their own food.
Giving medicine without education is a temporary salve on an open wound.
To respond, first I must hear the pain and answer the call.
How can I best feed the hungry children of the Earth?
Teach them to plant gardens by helping them plant their first garden/
Believe they can and will learn and feel the love that inspired the helping hands.
This I can do.

This challenges me, but how can I grow my own garden of love without expanding my territory?
Thank you for joining me in expanding your own world view and vision.
From isolation to inclusion, everyone is part of my family, whether I know them or not.

Loving and learning from the challenges in life,
Betty Lue

I have been attending the annual California Assn. For Marriage and Family Therapists conference in San Jose and teaching T’ai Chi Chih each morning at 6:30AM. While I thought the hotel internet would work for me, it did not allow group mailings, so alas they had to wait until now. Know that I am with you in Spirit wherever my road leads.
More Loving reminders this week and always.
Betty Lue