Saturday, May 21, 2005

Together…All Things Are Possible

I received many notes of acknowledgment for my Loving Reminder on Changes and Letting Go.
Your notes of appreciation made me smile.
I feel joined.
I feel blessed.
I feel seen and known and loved.
This is the value of our joining.

We are here together to see one another.
We are here to see each other's beauty and goodness.
We are here to know one another's precious uniqueness.
We are here to love one another's journey into the fullness of being All of who We Are.

We are not here to hide.
We are here to be seen and known.
We are not here to suffer or sacrifice.
We are here to enjoy and contribute.
We are not here to fear judgment or harm.
We are here to appreciate and do good.
We are not here to hide our light and our love.
We are here to shine our brilliance and to share our kindness.
We are not here to compete or compare.
We are here to encourage and support everyone's contributions.

Wherever we are, we are not alone.
Whatever we do, we are not alone.
Whoever we encounter, we are not alone.
Whatever we learn, we are not alone.
However we live, we are not alone.
To whomever we give, we are not alone.

Life is a co-creative, collaborative adventure, because we are interrelated, even when traveling solo.
Acknowledge your self and your choices, just as you appreciate the path your fellow travelers choose.
Know you too are making a difference with or without external acknowledgment.
See yourself as the wonderful, powerful and creative being you are.
Love everything you do. Value everything you say. Be everything you can be. And Know it is Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue