Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Conflict of Interest

When we seek help, counsel and advice from doctor, lawyer or therapist, we pay for the services.
When we need medical, legal or financial help, we benefit those professionals financially.
When we are offered services by the helping professions, they are paid by our being in need.
Unconsciously, helping professionals, who derive income from our neediness, may be in conflict of interest.
If the health care industry profits from the illness, problems and suffering of humanity, they may promote more of that from which they benefit financially.
Promote drugs.
Promote long term therapy.
Prolong treatment.
Believe professionals are needed.
Create and encourage dependence.
Don’t trust the patient to do the work themselves.
Let clients know they may need continuous care.
If health care professionals benefit financially from seeing patients over a long term,they may unconsciously encourage long term treatment.
If health care professionals benefit psychologically from long term therapeutic relationships, they may implicitly or explicitly encourage them.

This may not be a popular message.

I have been a proponent of self help and self-care personally.
I encourage short term counseling and coaching.
I see myself more as an educator than as a therapist.
I inspire people to let go of unhealthy mental, emotional, financial, relational and physical habits.
I see these Loving Reminders as my primary healing, helpful and healthy work.
I am not paid financially for these reminders.
I am benefited spiritually by following my heart and giving my best.
I am so grateful to those who contribute to these Loving Reminders which I began Jan. 1, 1999.
I believe these reminders may eliminate the need for therapy and counseling for some readers.
I believe in always giving all to all that all might have all from which to CHOOSE.

I encourage you to choose what is good for you.
I invite you to contribute to what benefits you.
I support you in giving your best to a world that needs our best.
I ask you to be selective about what you receive and from whom.

Listen within and choose what is highest and best for you and for all.
Betty Lue

In ancient china and other natural cultures, the shaman and healers were only paid when the people are well.
When there is illness or trouble, drought or famine, the spiritual leaders and healers stop being paid.
In this system, there is no conflict of interest. All promote wellness, security and peace for all.