Thursday, May 19, 2005

Celebrating Loving Relationships

Our tendency is to take for granted that which is most important when too busy with life.
Our tendency is to forget to appreciate the little kindnesses when we are moving too fast.
Our tendency is to make unconscious assumptions about the essentials in everyday living.
Our tendency is to expect we will always have what we seem to have always had.

My 20 year life partner's birthday, May 18, is a wakeup call and time to remember what I so value.
Take personally my acknowledgment for any places that you have assumed, expected, forgotten or taken for granted your loved ones or yourself. Full schedules, work projects and worries tend to fill the mind with everything, but what is really significant and meaningful.

This is a tribute to you, Robert, and to all of you who choose to recognize the Gift You Are.

You are a gift of Love to me and to everyone who knows you.
You bring conscious Presence which says "Everyone matters."
You know how to laugh, to love and to listen in just the right way.
You give a new perspective on what may seem confusing or in conflict.
You help without being asked and give without expecting reciprocity.
You teach by how you live and give yourself without martyring or sacrifice.
You enjoy each aspect of nature and seek for the holy, the beautiful and the good.
You fill your life with good deeds, appreciation and respect.
You care for yourself in an unobtrusive way that frees your time and energy to serve.
You flow with life's challenges and changes, trusting in the intrinsic blessing.
You are a friend to everyone and a spiritual partner and steadfast support to me.
I see you. I know you. I love you.
I appreciate you. I honor you. I respect you.
I celebrate your life as it has been and as it is becoming.
And most of all, I am grateful you have chosen to spend your life with me.

I am loving you always,
Betty Lue