Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do It With Love

Whatever You do, do it with love.
If you want a successful outcome, create it with Love.
If you want life to be fun, safe and easy, live it with Love.
If you want a relationship that works, give your best with Love.
If you want finances that work, love both earning and spending with Love.
If you want high level wellness, practice healthy living with love for your body.
If you want to live your life purpose and follow your dream, live everyday with gratitude and love.

Love eases the way.
Love releases fear.
Love dissolves resistance.
Love forgives mistakes.
Love facilitates learning.
Love energizes our activities.
Love attracts goodness.
Love creates miracles.
Love unites relationships.
Love brings inner peace.
Love opens possibilities.
Love honors all differences.

When I get up so early at 2:30AM to go to be with Gia, I could think fatiguing thoughts.
I choose to think positive loving thoughts about how grateful I am to be able to love her.

When I am busy with the responsibilities of being provider, wife, mother, Grandma, community server, therapist, coach, spiritual teacher, I could forget my focus and lose my vision.
I choose to remember I am here to Love.

When there are roadblocks, losses, challenges, unconscious people, I could be angry, upset or afraid.
Instead, I choose to forgive my forgetfulness, my distrust, my criticisms and extend Love.

When there appears to be financial shortfall, health difficulties, professional limitations, I could be frustrated.
I choose to remember I am Abundant in Love, in health, in relationships, in real work.

Love works.
Remember, Love is our natural state.
When we forget to Love, we have forsaken our True Self.

I am a Loving reminder for me and you.
This is my real job, my true function and my whole Life.
Betty Lue

Special Note:
I am in Asheville, NC with my Mom and several special friends who will join us for some fun workshops while we are there.
I am going to Asheville to love, serve and remember.