Friday, May 20, 2005

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

I love to write.
I love to listen within.
I love to appreciate and celebrate.
I love to illuminate and educate.
I love to create what is Good and beautiful and Holy.
I love to bring the best of me to the best in You.

So why not do what I love to do?
Why not live my life giving me and you what I love?

What would it take for you to clarify what you love to do and be and have?
What would it take for you to let go of what distracts, delays and detours your journey?
What would it take for you to honor yourself, your gifts and trust in what you love?
Why not live your life your way, the only way to fly high and happy and free?

First clarify what you love.
Actually write down what you enjoy doing and giving, being and experiencing.
You may need help exploring the endless possibilities by someone who see objectively.
You may need to clear away your fears and worries, duties and obligations, expectation and judgments.
You may need a counselor, mentor or coach to encourage your honesty, integrity and authenticity.
You may have forgotten or forsaken yourself and your joy long, long ago, so mining for gold is the goal.
You may need to begin with just a little step in the self-love direction.
You may need to forgive years of self denial, sacrifice and ugly emotions.
You may need to dig out from the massive cover-up of toys and tools, books and bric brac.
You may need to turn off the TV, mental criticisms, and minding others' business.
You may need to stop running away from the True Love in you and face yourself with kind devotion.
You may need to have a conversation with the Universe, God and your Master Teachers asking for help.
You may need to believe you can have what you seek, so you will stop avoiding disappointment.

Now is the time.
This is your Life.
You can choose to create your life to celebrate the Best in You.
You can have what you really want, because you Deserve It All.
Your life is your opportunity to create what is Highest and Best for You.

This week Robert and I are spending the day with the twin baby girls...feeding and packing for their upcoming move to a bigger brighter one story house with a yard and nearby park and the best elementary school across the street! These babies are so peaceful and content, well-fed on breast milk and formula, loved and kissed and held with parents who are happy and fun. I am so joyful to be a helper and recipient of the gift of their love. I imagine it to be similar to the way I was loved as a baby, and I know it is Good. Happy and content.

Loving you,
Betty Lue