Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Appreciation

Gaia, the Earth Mother, we are grateful for your bounty and your beauty.
Grandmothers, those wise ones who are no longer here with physical presence, we honor You.
To all those who nurture, shelter and give comfort to the little children, we bless your Holy work.
To the fathers who are truly mother and father, we value all you give that the world is loving.
To every mother through whom we cam we into this world, we thank you for the gift of life.
And to my Mom and Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers, I admire the generations of service to others which you modeled and taught so many of us, while caring well for your families and yourselves.

You see the sacred rite of mothering is one to be revered as a gift of holy responsibility for this Earth and her people. Each one of us who respects life in all form, every one who gives selflessly that others might live and prosper, all people who remember to serve with joy and gratitude are renewing our sacred covenant and life purpose.
Mothering, nurturing, providing, nourishing, teaching, making a home, loving little children into responsible adulthood, these are sacred acts of inspired service.

We must not take them for granted.
We must not forget to be forgiving.
We must remember the way is sometimes tiring.
We must value what is important.
We must appreciate all kind acts of mothering.

Thank you Mothers and those who give that others might live.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I have been off the internet for four days because of no access, out of town for renewal and re-creation.
Thank you always for your blessings in my life. Yes, I am mother to many without ever holding you or serving you a nutritious meal. My gifts to you of love and forgiveness, faith and confidence in who you are, come from the Divine Mother within. I am truly loving You, just as you are right Now.
Betty Lue