Saturday, May 28, 2005

Truth Sets Us Free

“Truth may hurt, but then it sets us free.”

Recently I was invited to tell the “truth”, even though I knew it would be painful.
Where there is resistance or denial in hearing another’s truth, there will be pain.
Resistance causes pain.

When I was focused on the pain, as a pain avoidant seven in the Enneagram, I resisted telling what is true.
When I focused on the “Truth” as a spiritual and inspiring being, I knew the Truth would be helpful.
When I shared the “Truth” freely and easily without judgment or emotion, I experienced release.

For me Truth is love.
When Truth is withheld, Love is withheld.
Keeping secrets or withholding what I see and hear and know is withholding the energy of Love.
Protecting others from pain is not my responsibility.
Keeping my energy flowing is my work.
If withholding what I know as “truth” slows or thwarts my flow, I am doing harm to myself.
If sharing with compassion and neutrality what is “truth” for me, sets me free, I am giving Love.

Often when I do not know when or how or if to share the truth I see, I ask within.
When I invite Spirit to use the Truth for good, I let go and trust that outcome.
Even when the initial experience is uncomfortable or disruptive, I am steadfast in my Love and Trust.
Even when others may resist, disagree or even be angry, I am steadfast in my love and assurance.
Even when I do not understand the purpose of my sharing, I know my Love is True.
Even when the truth hurt, I know it sets us all free.
Withholding what is Good and True and Beautiful is withholding the Divine.

I give all that I think and say and do to Spirit to be used for the Good of All.
I trust that as I have givin my life to Divine Will and Higher Purpose, so it will be used.
I know that my intention is Good and my heart is True.
In this and the power of Love within I trust.

Loving you and me in freely sharing what is Truth (the best we know.)
Betty Lue