Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Uh! Oh! Changes!

My gift to you is my gift to myself.
Time to simplify, clarify, prioritize and do what it of highest value for the Good of All.
My gift to you is authenticity, integrity and self renewal.

Wakeup calls come in many forms.
Being too busy, getting sick, having a "bad" day, looking at the scale, getting behind in bills and paperwork, having a sleepless night, bumping into a door jam and a host of other experiences.
All are wakeup calls. I choose to easily wakeup with enthusiasm and appreciation.

For me, having a time and place to write these reminders is very high on my list of spiritual health necessities.
When I am too busy to be with myself, my source and you, Dear Hearts, I must stop and look and listen within.
So as of 5/16, I began undoing many of the extras in my life.
I am letting go of many extracurricular activities, so I can focus on Self renewal and reaching into the Essence, the heart of what matters to me. I seek to complete what I have begun…web site, books, readings, simplification projects in my home and profession and more.
I seek to spend time daily on Self renewal (mind, body and Spirit) and letting go of what is too much.
I choose to have a positive impact on those I meet and serve professionally.
I seek to help with my family and spiritual family, when needed.
I seek to live a happy healthy and balanced life.
I seek to have some spaces to walk, sit, reflect and integrate the bountiful goodness I have received.

I am committed to a whole life makeover this summer.
While for some it may be a mighty task, we each start where we are and clean what is there.
When the Light in our life gets brighter, we can notice what Life challenges us to grow in faith and let go of attachment.
Grow in love and let go of fears.
Grow in confidence and let go of waiting for others' agreement.
Let go of needing to understand and trust what your inner voice tells you.
Let go of making excuses and do what you believe and trust and know.

Some immediate choices for change.
I apologize if my changes are disruptive to you, and bless them all as wakeup calls.

No trip to Africa to personally plant gardens-The heat and physical stressors present health challenges for us.
Creating daily time for personal listening, exercise, reading and studying, creating and enjoying life.
Will take time to simplify and beautify my home and office.
Will give away unused books, clothing and goods that might be a blessing to others.
I will discern how simply we can live and make choices to cut down expenses and distractions.
Will create a schedule which will support greater whole life health and success for myself and others.
Will commit to excellence in the creation and maintenance of all that is good and whole and beautiful.

Life presents opportunities to change.
Do it with grace and joy and we will increase our life energy.
Do it with guilt or resentment and we will grow tired.

I am learning, letting go, so I can love ever more purely,
Betty Lue