Thursday, May 26, 2005

Uncover Your Essence

Here we are in Asheville, NC with my Mom.
Offering 5 mini workshops on discovering your Authentic Self, similar to my offerings in CA this summer, beginning Wed Eve, June 8. “Undersanding Differences”
We love to travel to the mountains in the many azaleas and rhododendron. And helping Mom with chores and projects is good.
As you appreciate the beauty and perfection of nature, recognize that what you see is Who You Are.
Everything a reflection from the light within, your inner beauty and perfect Love made manifest.
As you love you totally (the blemishes too), you will love me and everyone you see. We are made perfectly in Love.
When we are loved the spots disappear and we behold the magnificent Love of God.
Loving you is loving me and loving everyone and everything we see so it can be All it truly is.
Betty Lue

Wherever I go, I am there.
Whatever I do, I am there.
However I act, I am there.
Whomever I love, I am there.

In a world of changing places, businesses, relationships, roles and responsibilities, we forget who we are.
In the cycles, seasons and changing fads of life, we forget we are not our beliefs, our behavior or attitudes.
In a time of changing science, politics, weather patterns and moves, we forget our True Purpose on Earth.
In a culture of focus on things and money, salaries and benefits, titles and applause, we forget our Spirit.
In our obsession with physical health, we forget the spiritual component of our whole life wellness.

You are a composite of all the experiences and learning in your lifetime.
You are filled with your ancestral wisdom and dysfunction patterns.
You carry the cellular memory of perhaps lifetimes of challenges with both successes and failures.
You have a repertoire of emotions, behaviors and masks to put on at will.
And You are none of these.

Within You is a Light so brilliant, greater than the sun, so nothing can put it out.
While the clouds of earthly living may hide your magnificence, creativity and power, the transformational winds of forgiveness, appreciation and open-mindedness will dispel the illusion of impotence.

You are greater than you can know.
You are more beautiful than you can see.
You are more powerful than you can feel.
You are all that you could ever seek to be and more.

Uncovering your Essence, the Truth within you is most easy and effective when you let go.
It is in letting go of the cover up and the defensiveness that you find the Goodness and Beauty within.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy when you trust that your True Nature is Awesome and of God.
Love is Who You Are.
Light and DeLight are your natural state.
Abundance is your Divine Right.

You will be surprised to find what lies inside when you cease to hide behind all the things the world teaches you to be and do and have.

Let go and let your True Essence show.

Loving you,
Betty Lue