Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Beginnings

We are leaving late tonight for a 12 day cruise around the Panama Canal as a gift from Robert’s Mom.
We will return late on January 17th. Please find new Loving Reminders posted on the web site: lovingreminders.org I am with you in spirit and in Love always in all ways.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Success is found in never quitting.
Success is reaching for the moon.
Success is in believing you can achieve.
Success is living your dreams.
Success is being happy with your best.
Success is giving your all and appreciating all you give.
Success is living your life fully and freely.
Success is respecting and loving yourself.
Success is feeling grateful for your life.
Success is learning something valuable daily.
Success is being willing to reach out with Love.
Success is shining your Light on your world.
Success is sharing your creations with those you love.
Success is being at peace with those you love.
Success is handling what life brings with equanimity and grace.
Success is remembering what is good and whole and beautiful.
Success is healing the past and appreciating your Present.
Success is envisioning a better world because you are here.
Success is knowing you make a difference to those around you.
Success is honoring your path and trusting in God and good.

What is success for you?
Define your whole life in terms that support your success.
You can, when you believe you can.
You are, because you choose to be.
You have, because you were willing to receive.
You do what you do, because you said “Yes”.

See yourself as successful.
If you don’t like the form of success you have created, forgive your judgments and choose again.
It is your life.
You can choose whatever you want it to be for you.
Success is recognizing your have a choice.
Loving your success,
Betty Lue