Saturday, January 01, 2005

Come Alive in 2005

Happy New Year 2005

Live to thrive, not just survive.
Live to give, not to get.
Live to be you, not just do do.
Live for win-win, not trying to compete.
Live to give love, letting go of all fear.
Live to bring peace, withdraw from all conflict.
Live to forgive, clearing regret.
Live to sing songs, not focused on wrongs.
Live to contribute, not simply complain.
Live to be true to the best in You.

Remember you are the seeker.
And you find what you seek.
Remember you are the chooser.
Choose for the Highest for All.
Remember you are the healer.
You heal with your forgiveness and love.
Remember you are the peacemaker.
You bring Peace with kindness and no harm.
Remember you are the Teacher.
Teach with respect for all differences.
Remember you are the Lover.
Love each one as the only One.
Remember you are the Miracle-worker.
With every loving act miracles are born.
You are the One.
Your time has just begun.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
Give the gift of your Self and recognize the gift you are.

May this year begin and end with the best you have to give and have and be.
You see, it is always about You fully and freely loving and giving You.
The gifts of life come from All we give, not from what we get.

Giving you the Best I have always,
Betty Lue