Monday, January 03, 2005

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Mediocrity or Excellence?
Are you satisfied with the quality of your life?
Have you given the very best you have?
Have you traveled to your envisioned destinations?
Have you fulfilled the dreams in your heart?
Have you known profound and enduring love?
Have you shared your spiritual awareness with those who understand?
Have you created the environment in which you really want to live?
Do you experience the support of a safe and respectful spiritual community?
Have you lived in a world which encourages everyone to give their gifts?

Many extraordinary beings live what appear to be ‘ordinary’ lives and still yearn to create and participate in something more.
One elementary principal fosters the guiding principle that each child graduating from sixth grade knows “Everything is possible”.
“We have choice and a voice.”
In my family of origin, I experienced, “If you who really want something, there is always a way to achieve it.”
In our world, whatever we conceive and believe, we can achieve. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Do you long to live an inspired and inspiring life?
Do you need to rekindle the Spirit in your Soul?
Are you called to remember what you really want?
Are there gifts you are here to offer your world?
Is there an experience that calls to you?
Do you need to undo what “limits” you?
Are you longing to create something you have envisioned?
Are you giving yourself and your world your very Best?
Do you want to live where you are respected and valued?
Have you heard within where you are to go and what you are to do?
Are you willing to make true what is yours to be and do?

Excellence is sharing your very best.
Extraordinary people do not quit on their dreams.
To live abundantly we are called to step out in faith.
To create our lives anew, we must relinquish regret, fear, resentment and hurt.

The time is now.
Our world needs your best.
Seek support from those who believe you can achieve.
Loving You,
Betty Lue