Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dreaming BIG

What are the unlimited dreams and visions planted in your heart?
What are the pictures you have held of creating and living more?
What are the gifts and talents you have been withholding until later?
What is the secret calling of your Spirit which your fear has dismissed?

In each of us is a dream, a possibility of living our Highest and giving our Best.
In each of us is a possibility and a promise, which when we step out, will be fulfilled.
In each of us is a chance to begin again, even when we have been lost or failed.
In each of us is a hope of things to come when we reach our promised land.

Fear says, “No way!”
The ego says, “You Can’t Do It!”
Our history tells us to “Stop dreaming.”
Our rational mind thinks of all the practical reasons, “ No time. Not enough money or education.”

When you have a dream or vision, it is yours to fulfill.
When you hold a piece of the puzzle, it is yours to contribute.
When you have a song in your heart, you must sing it.
When you know what you are here for, it is yours to live.

Only you can fulfill your purpose.
Only you can release your fear.
Only you can live your life fully.
Only you can build your dream here.

Life loses its meaning when we quit on ourselves.
Life loses its joy when we let fear shut us down.
Life loses its freedom when we restrict ourselves with duty and obligation.
Life loses its hope when we fail to take action.

I would like to hear your dream.
I would like to mentor, coach, inspire and walk beside you in faith.
I would like to be your inspirational friend, loving reminder and conspirator.
I would like to say “Yes” to you with full confidence in what I know.

I am here because I dream big.
I am here because I know I do not walk alone.
I am here because I trust in the Goodness of God within me.
I am here because I have faith in the Voice Within.

Believing in you with a heart that is True,
Betty Lue