Saturday, January 08, 2005

Creating Good or Creating Bad?

How do you get what you want or what you fear?
How can you be proud of yourself for creating what you desire and blame God for creating what hurts?
How can you call yourself lucky with some events and feel blessed by others?
How can you take credit for some experiences and cast blame for others?

I have noticed egos have a knack of blaming someone else for what goes wrong?
I have noticed that humanity loves to take credit for the good, the beautiful and loving events.
I have noticed that taking no responsibility for one’s life assures taking no blame.
Blaming parents, luck, the stars, God, one’s genes is far easier that assuming some cause in the matter.

What if God is the power that says ”Yes” to our will and our word.
What if the Universe supports us according to our internal alignment.
What if, when we are 100% committed, with full faith, we naturally achieve our envisioned outcome.
What if our doubts are like the brakes being applied simultaneously with the gas.
What if life is a co-creative experience, being master minded from within.

To be a victim is to imagine that we are puppets and pawns being played like a giant chess game.

War is not without consequence.
Every action generates an opposite and equal reaction.
After a year or two without tasting sugar, a spoonful burns in your mouth.
After a month or so of total peace of mind, feeling anger makes you physically sick.
After a day with no inner conflict, thinking opposing thoughts creates pain.
What we think, eat, feel and do creates a reaction in the body and the Being.

When we take responsibility for everything we experience, we are empowered.
When we take responsibility, we observe and learn.
When we take responsibility, we are at choice.
When we take responsibility, we stay awake and aware, ready to give our best.
When we take responsibility, we listen within and honor the voice for the Highest Good.
When we take responsibility, we take impeccable care of our mind, our body and our Spirit.
When we take responsibility, we relinquish anger against others and ourselves.
When we take responsibility, we acknowledge that is no harm.
When we take responsibility, we are willing to forgive our judgments and our fears.
When we take responsibility, we grow up.
When we take responsibility, life truly is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue