Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is Perception Illusion or Reality?

Are we the artist, the critic, the canvas or the fair witness?
What if it is all made up?
What if what you believe is what you see?
What if the world we call “reality” exists, because two or more agree it is and name it so.
What if we experience everything as we believe it will be.
What if we are simply projecting onto the screen of life what we know in our minds.
What if we can change the nature of reality by changing our minds.
What if substance is really the sum of our thoughts.
What if our judgments create that which we judge.
What if we can free ourselves from any experience simply by forgiving our belief.
What if belief is our faith.
What if our faith in what we dread, creates what we dread.
What if our faith in healing generates our healing.
What if the world as we “know it is an out-picturing of what we believe it will be.
What if we can experiment on changing our experience.
What if we all are co-creating our experience of reality.
What if there is no common experience see through the unique filters of our learned past.
What if what we call “crazy” or insane is simply judging those with unique perceptions are sick.
Loving you,
Betty Lue