Friday, January 28, 2005

Our Greatest Mistake

If lack of love and lack of trust in God is our greatest mistake, then our biggest healing is a return to loving and believing in the Unlimited Power and Presence and Purpose of Goodness in our lives.

At a conference for Christian ministers and church leaders from all over the world, with great teachers and speakers acknowledging their failures and successes, it became clear that the greatest “sin” (meaning off the mark or error) is unbelief.

I have been reminded this week.
What we believe, we can achieve.
What we believe, we strengthen.
What we believe, is what we see.
What we believe, we come to realize.
What we believe, is how we co-create.
What we believe, is the ground of our being.
What we believe is how we live.
What we believe makes the difference.
What we believe is our guiding light.

What you believe in leads your choices.
Who you believe in fuels theirs.
How you believe gives faith substance.
How much you believe is your source of Power.

If my greatest error is unbelief, then I choose to let unbelief go.
If my unbelief is interfering with the Highest Good, I forgive myself.
If my unbelief is withholding miracles, I choose to believe.
If my unbelief is a false teaching, I erase what I have mistakenly portrayed.

I believe in the Power of Faith.
I believe that what we hold in our hearts leads us.
I believe that with Love leading us, we are invincible.
I believe that all people can receive abundantly by changing their beliefs.
I believe in you and me and everyone on the plan.
I believe there is a plan and a purpose for every person.
I believe we can each achieve what we conceive.
I believe in affirmative prayer and positive thought.
I believe there is no mistake that cannot be undone with faith, love and forgiveness.

Your true believer,
Betty Lue