Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Our Calling

To live your Best and give Your Best is your call.
In order to be your best self, you must free yourself from all criticism, judgment, fear and limiting beliefs.
To free yourself, you must erase and forgive, release and undo what is not and never was true.
To the degree to which you have blamed yourself, felt guilty, or judged your lack, littleness and limitation, you have separated from God.
You have denied your potential.
You have shut down your confidence, your faith and your Vision.
You have excommunicated yourself from your inner Voice, the Voice of Holy Spirit.

Deep within you is everything perfect and waiting to be given to your world.
When you have come to see the light inYou, you will weep with Joy at the Beauty of the Gift You Are.
When you believe that you are beloved of your Creator, you will wash away all fear of failure.
When you know that the past is not real because it is not here, you will laugh at your protecting yourself.
When you recognize the abundance that lives in your creative Spirit, you will create only Goodness.
When you trust in the Power and Presence of the Living God working through your life, you will give only your Best freely.

Life is for giving.
You are the glorious gift of God’s Love given to you and to All through You.
Your life is a Lighthouse and a beacon of Truth for all generations.
Give freely of that which you are and you shall know fully the abundance of God.
I am grateful this is so.
Betty Lue