Thursday, June 17, 2004


Life is a university.
We are enrolled in daily classes supporting our freedom and fulfillment or our entrapment and depletion. We choose the lessons we learn.
We are here to remember.
We are here to return to Love.
We are not handed the answers to the tests and challenges we attract to ourselves.
We are here to learn.
We can use spiritual principle to understand and respond or we can rely on our learned judgments, defensiveness and fear .
We can re-create the same challenges again and again in different forms ,until we come to peace.
When we are at peace, we understand and are released from repeating what is complete.

Life offers opportunities to remember what is True.
Life offers opportunities to unlearn what is false.
Life offers choices in which we can celebrate and enjoy or condemn and dread.
Life is a school of our creation…to return to what is already written within us.
We all will wakeup and remember.
We all graduate.

When we learn how to forgive, undo, and perceive what is real, we graduate and celebrate.
When we give up our need to do it “right”, we give up the fight to perfection, wealth and security.
When we unlearn our desire to “win” and invite in the freedom of non-judgment, we create peace.
‘All things work together for Good’ doesn’t guarantee that all things in this world are good.
It does guarantee that when seen “rightly”, all things can be used for the Good of All.
Everything is either a call to wakeup and Love again or a gift of Love to be received with gratitude.

When we come from our heart, when we open our minds, when we listen within, we condemn nothing.
When we erase judgments, we perceive the lesson being learned, the miracle of forgiveness.
When we condemn nothing and forgive everything, love flows.
When love flows, happiness grows.
When happiness grows, we trust in Good.
When we trust in Good, we offer Goodness and mercy.
When we offer Goodness and mercy, we receive the blessing of our offering.
When we receive the Goodness we give, we are filled with Goodness.
When we are fulfilled with Abundant Goodness, we are rich in Spirit and in Joy.
When we are rich in Spirit and in Joy, we are at peace.
When we are at peace, we graduate.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue