Saturday, June 19, 2004

Who Is Failing Here?

Is the world failing us?
Are we failing ourselves?
Are we here to succeed in the world?
Are we here to find and master our own life journey?
Are we here to win worldly prizes by identifying and living worldly values?
Are we here to enjoy lasting happiness by living in integrity with spiritual principle?
Is money, fame and power the ultimate goal or is peace, love and lasting happiness?
Are we here to achieve accolades and the approval of others?
Are we here to let go of external rewards and find fulfillment within?
Are we willing to do what the world teaches us because we believe in the world?
What is real? Is it what the majority believe in?
What is real? Is it what is lasting and True through time and eternity?
What matters? Growing up and finding our way in alignment with our True Identity?
What matters? Winning the race against time and beating others in wealth, youth and conquest?
Are we graded based on how much we learn or how we practice what we know?
Is there a grading system in spiritual mastery or only pass-fail?
Can we graduate without being the best? Can we do good without others noticing?

We seem to be at a crossroads in our evolution where we can grow up and take full responsibility or continue to blame someone else for our dilemma. Maybe our wars, bankruptcy and disease are not due to other’s attacking us, but rather our strategy of attack and defend, take and accumulate, strive without gratitude.

What would happen to each one of us, if we would choose to follow the path of our heart, to live happily doing, giving and creating what was most enjoyable and peaceful for us?
What would happen if we were willing to live within our means on less not more, simply rather than creating complexity, honoring ourselves rather than seeking what isn’t ours, helping and serving rather than conquering or selling?

Life seems to be a moment by moment choice to fear or to love, to take or to give, or die or to live.
Life seems to be the opportunity to destroy or create, to hang on or let go, to strive or to flow.
Life seems to be the chance to stay asleep or wake up, to blend in or stand out, to withhold or contribute.
Life seems to offer the possibility of acquiring knowledge or wisdom, failed dreams or fulfillment,
Bitterness and guilt or forgiveness and faith, prizes and toys or inner peace and lasting joy.

I know from counseling, teaching and helping thousands of unique beings from every walk of life that each one is on our own path of mastery, our own sacred journey home.
It seems we each are wherever we are not by chance but by Divine appointment, to learn and earn whatever experience can be best utilized by our Higher Self to help us wakeup and realize tour True nature and the reason for our being.
It seems that the more we surrender and unlearn our errant beliefs and undo our limited programming, the more we free our minds to remember what is true and good and whole within us.
The more we forgive our self judgment, the more we can perceive the limitless possibilities within ourselves as we contribute our lives to serve only the highest good for all.

Let us commit to succeed at living and giving our gifts of Love and Joy and Peace in all we do wherever we are.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue