Monday, June 14, 2004

Through the Eyes of a Child

The world is a place of adventure, love and happiness.
Everyone is kind is a safe place of comfort and peace.
Life is meant to be lived fully and freely.
Go until there is no more energy and you have to stop.
Play with anyone who will play with you.
Look for what makes things work.
“Princesses” and special people know us and will talk with us.
Be careful of places that are dark or sound “creepy”.
Laugh and giggle whenever you can.
Eat only cold things that are chocolate and things that are warm and chocolate
Make sure you win and the loser wants to play again.
Hug and kiss and tell your Dad you love him to get what you want.
Stand up really tall when you have to be tall to go on the ride.
Be really small and cuddley when you want to be carried.
Look for crayons to draw something when you are bored.
Ask for help only when you simply can’t do it yourself.
Know you are beautiful whether your hair is brushed or not.
Find a way to have fun and forget about the pain you felt two minutes ago.
Cry when you are sad or tired to make sure someone cares.
Run if you don’t have to walk or sit still.
Always find something to climb to as tall as the grownups.
Look for ways we can help to make someone smile.
Sing as loudly as you can and maybe you can get everyone to sing, too.

This sounds like something we all could do.
Maybe we can let go of our “adulterations”.
Let’s just be kids and know we are loved.

I love you Gia for being a profound teacher of innocence.
“And the little child shall lead us.”

Loving you,
Betty Lue