Sunday, June 27, 2004

What Really Matters

When you look at your life, what really matters to you?
Often the petty irritations and upsets distract us from what is important.

What really is important to you?
Highly effective people know to put first things first with the end in mind.

What really is the end you seek?
When we are busy just getting by, we will always just get by.

What is the quality of life you seek to have?
When we spend energy complaining about what you don’t have and trying to “fix it”, you will always see something more to fix in yourselves, your home, your job, your relationships.

What will your life look like and feel like and be like, when you have what you really want?
Begin by focusing on your ideal and your vision for your whole life.
Create a mission statement and goals to totally support that vision.
Begin today to focus your highest priorities.
#1 priority is remembering your vision and mission.

Look clearly and objectively at your priorities.
Is it what you have for dinner tonight or the quality of your relationships?
Is it what shoes you have to wear or whether you are being kind to yourself and others?
Is it the traffic going to work or remembering to live peacefully with your neighbors (every one of them)?

What are your values?
Where do you spend your time, energy, thoughts and money?
What you give to, reflects the values you are living.
Be honest about what you are living and what you are teaching by how you live.

My vision is a world where everyone is aware of their own potential and believes in the right to live their dreams.
My vision is a world where everyone feels loved and significant.
My vision is a world where everyone receives the inspiration, education, healthy resources and opportunities to fulfill their dreams. My mission is to be the space of trust and freedom, where love is remembered and wholeness is realized,.
I am the space where faith is remembered and fulfillment of dreams is restored.
I am a presence where individual and collective potential is recognized and the freedom to live, love, be fulfilled is restored.
My highest priorities are spiritual connection, loving and respectful relationships, inspiring communication, giving the best I have to those who are receptive and being grateful for this good life.

I would like to hear your vision and your mission.
Let me hear from you. I will say “YES”.
I join with you in the fulfillment of all goals that 100% support you in living your mission everyday.
I know you can, when you “know” you can.
I trust in the power of joining, in remembering what is true for each one of us.

Loving you this and everyday.
Betty Lue

P.S. See The Heart and Soul of America, a Disney documentary, coming out this Friday July 2.