Friday, June 25, 2004

And a child shall lead them..

Gianina—With Grampa Robert and me for the week of June 18-25

When we see the world with wonder, we look at what is here now.
When we feel lonely, we simply need someone to reach out and gather us in their loving arms.
When we are unafraid, we can do almost anything.
When we hurt ourselves, we ask Love to take the pain away.
When we feel happy inside, we sing out with joy.
When we have something to say, we express without caution or cleverness.
When we are hungry, we eat what feels good in our mouth and our tummy.
When we are tired, we lay down easily to take a rest.
When there is a chore to be done, we do it with enthusiasm and play.
When there is something new, we explore with curiosity.
When there is someone calling for love, we reach out and invite them to love us back.
When there are tears or laughter, farts or shouts, we express ourselves without guile or guilt.
When we see something beautiful, we notice and “ahhhh”.
When we see something scary, we notice and “ohhh”.
When we see something awesome, we notice and “Wow”.
What we notice, we like to share with others who care.
We are open to hear about God and angels, ghost and unicorns.
We want to believe in good things and try not to believe in bad things.
We never run out of more energy for new adventures and loving possibilities.

Sitting on Grampa’s lap to read is the best!
Holding Grandma’s hand while falling asleep gives us rest.

And so it is.
Are we not all children inside?
Just wanting a safe and loving place to reside?

Let us build this place within.
This is how our world must begin again.

Loving you faithfully,
Betty Lue